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  • Mildrene Volcy

Marriage or Mortgage

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

This is one of my favorite shows on Netflix:

A wedding ceremony is a beautiful covenant between friends and family who come together to celebrate a union of love between two people.

Therefore, I am all for a beautiful wedding celebration. I love going to wedding just to be part of my friend's big day in which they confess and profess their love to their partners.

But I am also all for doing things in consideration or doing things in a smarter way to secure a better future.

For example, would it be crazy to secure a lavish ceremony without thinking about the next day or next month or even next year the financial impact of that one day?

Or would it be fair to your friends and family members to not have a chance to celebrate your union?

In that circumstance what would be more important to you? A Wedding or A Mortgage?

Reality is you will do what pleases you or you will do what you value more during that moment. For that reason, I can't judge or refuse to judge anyone for making a decision that pleases them at that moment.

Although one of my favorite quotes is Wedding is a one-day thing? And a marriage or a union is a lifetime commitment.

I am more interested in a lifetime commitment. Therefore, doing things in consideration is the key to be able to celebrate that one day and to secure that lifetime commitment to each other.

What will you commit to, A Day commitment or a lifetime commitment? Trust and believe in God you will find a way to do both if needed smartly.

Ps. Do not forget my invitation. I am one shop for all. I will help you celebrate and then I will help you get that Mortgage for a beautiful house to start a beautiful family Life at 908-800-0821.

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