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Mildrene Volcy,
Certified Real Estate Consultant


Mildrene is the individual that handles your whole home selling process. As a Real Estate Agent and Speaker, she understands the needs and requirements that each person and family have, making sure your home is sold with the highest price and terms.

Taking care of all the listings, photos, marketing, advertising, paperwork, open house, and negotiation, Mildrene’ s comprehensive broker service provides a smooth process to complete your real estate sale.

She built an extensive network of buyers and sellers, ensuring your house is bought or sold fast and on your terms.

Signing a Contract

Helping Client's Sell and Purchase Homes Is Our Passion

Home is where one starts from. It’s the place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to. It’s where you build a family and make life long experiences, all of this happens within those walls. Whether you’re buying or selling a home, that process can be long and difficult. 

Making sure you’re following the legal steps, setting up your listing, and finding buyers can create unnecessary stress and hassle. That’s why we created Trusteed Homes Group. A full-service real estate that takes care of all of the details of buying and selling your house. 


Our support staff have been saving home seller’s hours, hassle, and stress through our innovative technology, strategic marketing tactics, and exceptional customer service. 

Seller's Guide

Every seller has different needs and motivation for selling.  In order to meet individual objectives and needs for selling their property. We will put a plan together to learn your goals and expectations.

Motivation:  Why have you decided to sell your home? Timing: Are you flexible when you need to sell or do, we have to close before a specific date? 

Plan: What is your plan after you sell the house? Are you planning on buying? Are you moving out of state or country, downsizing and so on? We can help!

Pricing: The current real estate market ultimately determines at what price your home will sell. We’ll discuss the market and determine the best list price for your home together.

Communication: We intend to update you on a daily basis? What is your preferred method of communication? Phone, Text or Email 

The Condition of the Home: Are there any problems with the home? I will walk through the house with you and make suggestions on any items that I notice.

Are you ready to sell your property? Call Trusteed Homes today to get your property SOLD Seller’s Consultations are Free of Charge.

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Buyer's Guide

Begin the Process. Beginning the home buying process is simple. Are you ready to buy a house?  Before you begin looking at homes, a mortgage pre-approval is a must. From there, you will need to create a budget and figure out how much money per month you are comfortable spending. While you are working on your budget please factor in the following expenses.


Mortgage payment , Property taxes , Hazard insurance , Utilities and so on. In some communities HOA Fees are required 

Each property will be a little different, but in general, prices have a range per year. 

  1. Get Pre-Approved 

    1. A mortgage pre-approval is the first serious step to buying a home. Unless you are paying cash for the entire amount of the property, you will need a loan. Find a lender, credit union, or mortgage broker and get a mortgage pre-approval.

  2. Choose a Location I’m guessing that because you are looking at Trusteed Homes Real Estate Buyer’s Guide. Finding the right area is an essential ingredient in finding the right home for you. Think about your commute, schools, your daily activities, and the things you would like to be near and do.

  3. Contact us Create a list of the things you would like in your next home. Use the list as a guide to know how many bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, how many car garages, pool, etc

  4. View the Property Once you’ve narrowed down your list to a few favorites, we will be visiting each property with you. We don’t have any limits on how many properties to show you. We want you to feel comfortable with your purchase and at ease when you choose a property to put your offer.

  5. Again, contact Trusteed Homes for a smooth buying process.

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